It is reported that at present, China has built a lot of lime rotary kiln production line, the common feature is the production of 200-300 tons of Nissan, such as the Great Wall Machinery Construction Guangxi Huayan lime kiln production is Nissan 300 tons, the latter part of the operation in good condition, Very suitable for the use of small and medium enterprises lime.

environmentally lime production line

Lime rotary kiln equipment manufacturers:

1, the lime production of environmentally friendly lime kiln activity is about how much?

A: In the same conditions, the rotary kiln lime activity, the degree of activity is generally 340-380ml, or even up to 400ml, an average of 30ml higher than the gas-fired kiln.

2, lime kiln products how?

A: The material rolling evenly forward in the kiln, heated evenly, stable product quality, raw and over-burning rate is very low.

3, lime kiln limestone raw material diameter What are the requirements?

Rotary kiln can be directly calcined 10-50mm fine-grade limestone, building rotary kiln production line will not only make full use of high-quality limestone mines resources, and in line with the lime industry's sustainable development guidelines.

4, lime kiln production line need to configure the preheater it?

The vertical preheater at the end of the kiln can make full use of the high temperature flue gas generated by the calcination in the rotary kiln to preheat limestone from normal temperature to the initial decomposition state. This will not only greatly increase the output of the rotary kiln, but also fully reduce the heat loss per unit of product.

5, where is the environmental protection?

The flue gas discharged from the kiln tail vertical preheater has a low temperature between 280 and 350 DEG C and low dust content of about 20 g / Nm3, which makes the configuration of the subsequent flue gas treatment simple and effective and can smoothly meet the environmental requirements.

6, environmentally friendly lime kiln investment about how much money?

As the customer capacity and specific conditions of different mining areas, stand-alone equipment and the entire line of investment is also different, how much investment in rotary kiln lime please consult online customer service! Or call the 24-hour free service hotline: 400-108-6668.

7, lime kiln production line What is the production process?

Lime kiln production line is composed of a vertical preheater, rotary kiln, grate cooler, flue gas treatment system, the principle of delivery systems, finished product delivery system, the raw coal grinding system to form a complete production line.

Throughout the line using advanced technology, reliable performance of the DCS central control system, the main control room centralized operation and management.


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