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Long Service Life and Strong Resistance CHAENG Slag Pot

Le 21 juin 2017, 09:59 dans Humeurs 0

Weight:10~85 t

Material:ZG230-450 plus RE etc.


Slag pot,also called slag ladle,pour ladle or steel ladle,which is important device in steel making. It is a load-bearing device to collect molten or solid slag generated during metallurgical or chemical processes. It is a bowl-shaped container with lifting lugs at both sides. A grilling is installed inside the pot, under at least 300mm of the upper surface and divides the inner pot into some pieces. The slag pot that purchased by metallurgical enterprises generally is made by traditional cast process with long manufacturing cycle, short service life, and great scrapped quantity. Xinxiang Great Wall Steel Casting Co., Ltd, through continuous technical innovation in produce process, the slag pot has more advantages such as short cast period, long service life and strong resistance to deformation.

Product Features:

1. Greatly reducing the manufacturing period by means of constant technological innovation;

Cost-effectively, Massive users: Our slag pot is the common choice of many large world-renowned steel enterprises from Mittal, Tata, Taiwan and so on, such as Taiwan Zhong Hua Iron& Steel Company.

2.Long service life better than the traditional casting slag pot: Great-wall slag pot's usage frequency can reach 2000 times, its first maintenance can be done 2~3 months later than similar products from other manufacturers, and it enjoys a longer service life.

3.Outstanding durability: According to operating conditions, Chaeng slag pot engineers adopt suitable material, customize and optimize the casting technology. That will make the slag pot have the performances of excellent high temperature mechanical properties, good thermal cracking resistance, stable manufacturing process and so on. 

4. Excellent casting processes: Chaeng performs digital simulation of casting process by means of CAE before pouring, to achieve the optimization of slag pot casting process.

5. Good appearance,Strong resistance to deformation: Chaeng is quite skillful at shot blasting and sand blasting to ensure the good appearance of slag pot and improve paint adhesion.


1.Blast Furnace

2.High Temperature Melting Equipment

3.Steel mill

4.Metallurgy industry

5.Mechanical processing industry




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How to Installe CHAENG 3000 t/d Cement Plant?

Le 20 juin 2017, 09:32 dans Humeurs 0

Application : Cement Plant, Thermal Power Plant

Annual Output : 900,000 tons

Process Type : New Dry Process

Blaine Fineness : 3300-3800 cm²/g

3000TPD cement plant turnkey basis service globally with everything that cement plants need. We provide service include engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation, debugging and training for 3000 t/d cement plant project. 3000 t/d cement plant is composed of the low-resistance and high-efficiency five-stage preheating and decomposition system, dry process φ4×60m rotary kiln, inflatable beam grate cooler, advanced vertical roller mill grinding system and DCS automatic control system.

3000 t/d Cement Plant Features

1. Vertical mill for Raw Material Preparation

Raw material preparation uses GRMR40.41 vertical mill that developed by Great Wall Machinery. GRMR40.41 vertical mill is a kind of grinding equipment with these advantages: simple process, strong drying ability, safe and reliable operation, high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, easy maintenance and short debugging cycle, etc.

2. Clinker burning system with lower energy and heat consumption

This production line adopts advanced raw preheating and precalcining system, reducing the heat consumption and energy consumption effectively in clinker calcined phase. The clinker has better performance, and is easier to grind. Exhaust gases from the preheater enters into the mill, which both saves energy and reduces environmental pollution.

3. Efficient cement mill producing high quality cement

The specific surface of cement produced by cement grinding mill φ4.2×13m is 3300-3800 cm²/g, which meets even beyond the common standard. In the process of using, the cement has the advantage of quick hydration reaction and fast strength development.

4. Good pollution control, greening of factory.

This production line fully considers waste and dust treatment in the design process. We install bag filter and electrical deduster in the main stage of dust treatment, reducing the dust in the air effectively. The whole factory area is fully greening, bringing a good working condition.

Production Line Equipments

a. GRMR40.41 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

b. GRMC22.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

c. φ4.2×60 Rotary Kiln

d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)



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CHAENG 2500 t/d Cement Plant for Construction Industry

Le 19 juin 2017, 10:19 dans Humeurs 0

Application: Cement Plant  Thermal Power Plant

Annual Output: 750,000 tons

Process Type: New Dry Process

Blaine Fineness: 3300-3800 cm²/g

2500 t/d cement production line designed by Great Wall machinery, fully learns from the lessons and experiences of more than 20 years of NSP production line design, the general layout scheme, process layout, equipment selection, automatic control level, etc. and combines with today's international advanced production concept to optimize design. Its composed of raw materials preparation, raw meal grinding, raw meal homogenization, clinker burning, cement mill grinding, packaging, delivery and so on. The cement equipment in the production line include: raw materials vertical roller mill, vertical coal mill, cement rotary kiln, cement ball mill, cyclone preheater and grate cooler, etc.


2500 t/d Cement Plant Features:

1.Advanced Technology Brings Lower Power Consumption.

Compared with traditional cement production line, the 2500 t/d cement plant designed by Great Wall machinery uses lower energy consumption equipment in the main part of energy consumption, such as vertical raw mill, vertical coal mill, vertical cement mill, etc., and the energy saving effect is very significant, which can reduce energy consumption with an average of 15-20 kWh/t.

2. Reasonable Design, Reduces Dust and Noise Effectively

Cement production has always been one of the leading causes of environmental pollution, thus more and more cement plant is looking for a solution to reduce noise and dust pollution. Great Wall machinery fully considers the sustainable development in the design, reducing dust through campus greening, filter, etc. Since the introduction of noise control programs in key areas, the factory noise is lower than the national standard.

3.Shorter Delivery Time, Earlier Profits

With large supporting cast steel companies and large machining workshop, Great Wall Machinery has 120 t casting ability, can supply complete spare parts. Furthermore, with a variety of long-term cooperation and first-class equipment suppliers, it greatly shortens delivery cycle, and makes your profit in the shortest possible


Production Line Equipments:

a. GRMR38.41Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

b. GRMC20.30Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

c. φ4.0×60 Rotary Kiln

d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)




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