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Do you know the main installation process for cement ball mill?

Le 18 août 2017, 10:40 dans Humeurs 0

Cement ball mill is the larger ball mill machine which developed by the Great Wall machinery , the cement ball mill adopts double sliding bearings, compared with the same specifications hollow shaft mill, the cement ball mill has the high mill cylinder strength, stability performance, high yield and other advantages.

Therefore, for the entire process, the installation is very important. So the workers should pay attention to the installation, and must be particularly hard, serious construction, the use of scientific construction methods and advanced technology testing means, strictly to the quality of each installation process, so that we can ensure its high quality and efficient long-term stable work.

CHAENG ball mill installation important steps showing as follows:

1. Basic acceptance Prepare for equipment installation and carefully examine the foundation. This is the first process, but also the most basic process.

2. Standard board embedded and the basic crossed the work, for the cement ball mill assembly measurement of good size, which is one of the preparatory work.

3. Check the equipment out of the library, in addition to the equipment for the usual test, but also focus on checking the sliding bearing bearing pad and mill cylinder sliding contact.

4. Install the sliding bearing. Install the base first, then tighten the anchor bolts.

5. Assembly and commissioning. After the installation of sliding bearings, the assembly of other parts to complete, but also a lot of debugging equipment to work in order to carry out grinding operations.

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Several Suggestions and Opinions for Cement Vertical Mill

Le 16 août 2017, 10:54 dans Humeurs 0

As the leader equipment manufacturing,CHAENG always pay attention to the production demand of cement, metallurgy and chemical industry. With the milling equipment industry development, CHAENG provide excellent quality and service, effectively breaking the traditional vertical roller mill equipment, which has high energy consumption, high cost of maintenance problems that would be the mainstream equipment in cement milling machines.

The way to repaire the cement vertical mill:

The customer should strengthen the ement vertical mill maintenance work, which can improve equipment operation efficiency, enhance the use value, and create significant economic benefits.

1. Roller and disc liner maintenance

The shape of the roller and the disc will become uneven and irregular, the grinding efficiency is reduced, the output is greatly reduced. In this case, should regularly check the wear of the liner, when the wear and tear, the timely replacement, so as to avoid vibration due to liner and other problems caused by vibration and other host security.

2. Maintenance of the retaining ring

The role of the material circle is to make the material in the grinding plate to be fully ground, the height of the retaining ring determines the thickness of the material layer. With the continuous wear of the roller, according to the production conditions, we continue to reduce the height of the retaining ring until the complete removal of the retaining ring.

3. Maintenance of material baffle

According to the wear conditions, often adjust the height of the material baffle, it can be scraping the material on the disc, stabilize the material layer to ensure that the material is evenly ground; it can effectively protect the grinding body is not worn.

4. Maintenance of hydraulic system pressure

The operator should be based on the material of the abrasive, yield and fineness indicators, as well as the formation of the bed and control the thickness and vibration conditions to consider the set value of tension. With each downtime, we check the cylinder pressure to ensure that it is within the specified range. Production, the prosecution of the hydraulic cylinder back to the amount of pipeline to determine the leakage situation.

5. daily inspection

Equipped with the relevant temperature measurement, vibration tools to ensure that the inspectors can be timed, fixed, set the contents of each device to carefully check. Strengthen the inspection of the inspectors of the standardization of inspection, punishment.


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Why does CHAENG large-scale grinding equipment has high reputation?

Le 12 août 2017, 11:11 dans Humeurs 0

In order to meet the current low-carbon economic development trend, Xinxiang Great Wall mechanery invested 50 million RMB to build the powder production line which can show to customers directly, independent research and development, constructed annual 600,000 tons output of of mineral powder production line project, use CHAENG self-made GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill.

With the national policy pay attrntion on environmental protection, Xinxiang Great Wall mechanical vertical roller mill breakthrough the traditional heavy industry concept, On behalf of science and technology, efficient product brand and calm and solid corporate image, resource conservation and environmental protection will be combined to promote the rapid development of economic society and enterprises. Xinxiang Great Wall machinery vertical mill set grinding, drying, powder, transportation as one, with high grinding efficiency, drying capacity, product fineness easy to adjust, low noise, low power consumption, simple process, , Operating costs and other significant advantages, are widely used in cement, mining, electricity, chemicals, industrial waste treatment and other fields. In environmental protection, Xinxiang Great Wall machinery vertical mill is closed for grinding operations, will not cause dust spill.

Xinxiang Great Wall mechanical verical roller mill all the accessories produced by company independent production. At same time, CHAENG has become the world's largest vertical mill manufacturers - Denmark well-known grinding mill manufacturer of outstanding fixed roller suppliers.

With the advantages of CHAENG vertical roller mill, the market reflect is good.CHAENG has assume the construction responsibility for many domestic and foreign manufacturers of the total package slag production line project.



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